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Dr. Maclaren was able to get my endocrine system back on track. I have issues with my thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands, and Dr. Maclaren identified and treated my issues all with a smile. I even conceived two healthy children under his care. He is always positive and supportive. He even took my call when I was sick with another issue and my primary doctor wasn’t returning my calls. It was comforting to hear his calming voice and know how to keep my meds in check. Thank you!

Amy Iamundo


You are the best! Dr. Maclaren was and is very patient with me. I came to him 3 years ago with Graves disease. my eyes were bulging, hands shaking and blood pressure sky high.I had previously lost 80 pounds and was only worried about my weight. Dr. Maclaren told me the seriousness about my thyroid condition . I was totally oppositional in the beginning. However, through his patience, understanding and medical expertise my thyroid is normal and I did not gain back the weight. I realize that weight is just one factor into a healthy life. I am working out at the gym , taking spinning classes, biking and taking classes with people half my age. I am 67 and am enjoying my life. Thank you Dr. Maclaren . I will continue coming into New York from New Jersey.!

Audrey Askins


“I hope you realize how much you do for people. Not just for their health but for their lives. You gave life back to my cousin [patient #1name deleted] who is going through some stressful times right now but has turned her stress into an addiction for the gym and healthy food. You gave her the stepping stones and without you she would not have got started. She looks more beautiful than I have seen her in years. Her weight dragged her down so much and she is back to being happy, loud and joining in the fun thanks to you.

My niece [patient #2 name deleted] now should be a pin-up girl for your office. She went from this little fat, shy child to this young adult who walks with such self-esteem. No exercise, no medication, just your kind, gentle voice, advice and knowledge about diet – this is a new child. She is involved, she has friends and she no longer hides at family functions. That too, is because of you.

You may not get to see the life you breathe back into people and I just wanted to make sure you understand what comes of what you do. You plant the bulb and my goodness have they sprouted. You are an amazing man besides being a wonderful doctor.”

Lorrie Bahrenburg


“Dr Noel Maclaren is a kind and compassionate doctor. I first went to see Dr. Maclaren after gaining a lot of weight and being constantly thirsty. My eating habits had not changed in years. I had discussed this with my internist, who just said- eat less. I had also gone on many different diets with no success. Dr Maclaren made me feel at ease , at our first visit. He quickly found the problem and presented it to me in a way that made me realize this was not my fault. A plan was set and within 4 months all the weight was gone and the medical problem under control, with very little stress. . Although this is a lifetime change, it is easily manageable. , and I will continue to see Dr. Maclaren regularly.

Thank you Dr. Maclaren!”

Gail Fox